Elementary School

At Key Point Christian Academy, we combine an innovative curriculum, with daily physical education classes, and an organic meal program, to create what we believe is the highest quality education available for our students.

We have structured our kindergarten through 8th grade academic program around the high-quality Common Core State Standards.

  • Mathematics

    For a deep conceptual math understanding that combines problem-based learning with visual learning, our academy implements the enVision mathematics K-5 math curriculum. This curriculum supports effective delivery of the Florida State Standards in mathematics through a clear understanding of math concepts with visual models and scaffolds in every lesson. Our teachers use a research-based instructional approach, aided by visual models, student-centered projects, and personalized learning to support our students.


    In support of student inquiry, engagement and the opportunity to actually “do” science, our academy uses the elevate Science K-8 science curriculum. This program starts with real-world, observable phenomena like weather, robots, and space travel to encourage student questions, problem solving and engineering solutions through inquiry, hands-on investigations, and evidence. This curriculum fuels interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and encourages students to work like scientists and engineers through problem solving and creative solutions.

    Accelerated Reader

    Key Point Christian Academy at First Miami Presbyterian Church uses the exciting and motivating reading program titled, “Accelerated Reader” (AR). Students read a book, take an AR Quiz, and get immediate feedback on their reading skill progression. Teachers get reliable reports on reading comprehension, vocabulary, literacy skills, and more. Teachers can set personalized goals for each student and easily monitor progress towards goals.

  • Language Arts

    In support of student development of strong reading and writing skills, our school uses the rigorous myView Literacy curriculum. This comprehensive English language arts and reading program for grades K-5 offers a wide range of high-quality text, and strong daily opportunities for reading, writing, speaking, and listening aligned to Florida State Standards. With an engaging and interactive digital platform, results-driven instruction and exceptional differentiation, myView Literacy empowers students to reach their fullest potential as critical thinkers and independent learners in reading and writing disciplines.

    Social Studies

    Aiming to provide our students with an engaging and foundational experience and understanding, our school utilizes the myWorld Interactive K-5 social studies curriculum. Through the stories of the intriguing people, exciting places, and fascinating events that make social studies relevant to their lives, students gain a global perspective. Students also learn the information and skills they need to become informed, participating citizens who consider diverse points-of-view, use critical thinking skills, and are active in their communities. Lessons additionally apply practice in the inquiry process, additional practice in reading and writing, and involve the use of collaboration and communication skills.


    IXL provides online integration of skills practice taught across all content areas. IXL allows teachers to pinpoint areas that require additional support to master. Additionally, IXL provides personalized skill recommendations for each student that help fill gaps of knowledge and encourage students to take control of their learning. Each problem shown to students provides immediate feedback for mistakes with detailed explanations. IXL challenges students, builds confidence, and provides supportive instruction in a fun and meaningful way.

Extracurricular Education

Foreign Languages

Students are introduced to French, Italian and Spanish through enjoyable and interactive games and activities. Children learn languages while having fun by listening to music, playing a variety of traditional games, as well as engaging in movement and cultural dance activities.


We believe in collaboration, innovation, and expression in learning by using technology as a gateway. Our STEAM curriculum incorporates understanding of algorithms and programming in order to create code, develop problem solving skills, learn about 3D printing, computer science, and the design process, practice creative communication, understand the concept of technology design and robotics, along with projects-based learning opportunities that entail using science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. Our curriculum, teaching, and school culture uses project-based learning to help our students develop critical thinking skills that propel them into the 21st century learning environment. We blend many of our subjects with innovation, through actions.

Physical Education

The physical education program is based on establishing fundamental skills in many areas of gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, strength, and muscle coordination. The program incorporates age appropriate cooperative games, moderate fitness, movement education, themed activities, and a sensible introduction to traditional sports and games. The program emphasizes cooperative learning, social interaction, problem solving, shared leadership and challenge in a safe environment. Additionally, students attend weekly health classes to learn about healthy choices for their mind and body.

Music Classes

In elementary school, our students continue to deepen their understanding of music from their preschool experience. They continued to practice singing in tune, developing pulse and basic rhythm sense, and expressing themselves through music. They do this through the traditional anglo-saxon children’s songs and popular multicultural songs in a ludic environment. Throughout this educational period, playing musical instruments is a crucial part of the music curriculum. In 1st and 2nd grade, students learn to play xylophones; in 3rd and 4th grade, they learn to play the recorder; and in 5th grade students learn beginning piano skills. Instruction focuses on the skills required to play each instrument in addition to instruction on reading music notation. Students also display their skills in several public performances during the school year. Additionally, students learn about important periods in music history, aural and visual recognition of musical instruments, basic knowledge of the most relevant composers, and musical genres and styles.

Cultural Arts and Enrichment

We believe that the arts are an essential component for a quality education. Research demonstrates that schools that have a strong art program allow students to excel in their academic programs. Art education as a basis of innovation, creative thinking, and problem solving can be a powerful tool. Our curriculum promotes art history, drawing, painting, sculpture, illustration, digital art, along with projects-based learning where we incorporate other disciplines such as music and STEAM. Art is a fantastic tool for teaching young students, discipline, empathy and appreciation for different societies and cultures. The critical thinking, motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, and inventiveness that is gained from art are invaluable for the development of a young mind.

Christian Education

The younger elementary students use the FaithWeaver NOW Curriculum which engages children with colorful and fun pictures of Bible stories, formative character lessons, and take-home activities which are designed to help children remember and share these important lessons. Christian Education teachers engage the children in the material and help them develop the understanding of who God is and how to show kindness and understanding towards others.