Middle School

  • Key Point Christian Academy's middle school program provides a theoretical and practical education for all students. We facilitate an education that supports creativity, inquiry, habitual reading and self-reflection. We are committed to inspiring the love of learning in our students. As a Christian community, we strive to exemplify the core values of: integrity, responsibility, friendship, perseverance, citizenship, generosity, kindness/caring, leadership and respect.
    Our teachers continually introduce new materials while reinforcing previous skills and content. Our small class sizes, high quality academics, and the integration of technology support our individualized approach. Our teachers make learning relevant and enjoyable.
    Close student-teacher relationships allow Key Point Christian Academy's students to be comfortable taking educational risks and discussing new ideas as active participants in the classroom.
    Our graduates surface with the confidence to lead and learn knowing that education should be empowering and enjoyable. Key Point Christian Academy will show each student that their voice matters, and that good character is as important as strong math and science skills. Our graduating students are well-equipped to succeed in a challenging and rigorous high school environment.

  • Student Council

    KPCA has the honor of joining the National Student Council on our journey to help build young leaders. This year students are learning the importance of creating a constitution in order to lay a strong foundation for our Student Council. We plan to implement KPCA's mission to instill lifelong learners into the core of our Student Council. Students will have opportunities to serve their fellow peers, faculty, and community in events that will all have the common goal of bringing people together as one community.

  • Physical Education Electives

    Here at KPCA, students have the opportunity to take Physical Education courses around the city! Students have the choice to take tennis or swimming lessons coached by KPCA certified teachers specializing in tennis and swimming. Students are also given opportunities to expand their classroom to the local park or enjoy a run around the Brickell Bay area.

  • Learning Outside the Classroom

    It is our goal at KPCA to expand our students' learning environment beyond the classroom. Each quarter our students explore innovative learning opportunities around Miami with an additional opportunity around the country. This school year our students have the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C., the heart of American politics, or Los Angeles, California, the Golden State! While in D.C, students will be able to connect with our nation’s history and culture as they visit museums, monuments, and memorials. In LA, students will be exploring the performing arts while attending an acting workshop with professionals, participating in a makeup workshop and visiting Hollywood landmarks and studios. Both options allow students to see their classroom textbooks come to life!

At Key Point Christian Academy, we combine an innovative curriculum, with daily physical education classes, and an organic meal program, to create what we believe is the highest quality education available for our students.

We have structured our kindergarten through 8th grade academic program around the high-quality Common Core State Standards.

  • Mathematics

    For an engaging and interactive approach to covering the Common Core State Standards in mathematics. Our teachers use a research-based instructional approach, and provide differentiated instructional resources to our students.

    Science Fusion

    Our kindergarten through 8th grade students at Key Point Christian Academy follow the state-of-the-art, ScienceFusion, science curriculum. This program is designed to build inquiry, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills, and optimize learning in the classroom and at home. Science Fusion encourages students to fully engage with the fundamental steps of science: inquiring, thinking, predicting, analyzing, and applying. Students will think critically and use their reasoning skills as they learn new content, applying what they've learned to online content, activities, and labs.

    Accelerated Reader

    Key Point Christian Academy uses the exciting and motivating reading program titled, “Accelerated Reader” (AR). Students read a book, take an AR Quiz, and get immediate feedback on their reading skill progression. Teachers can set personalized goals for each student and easily monitor progress towards goals. Teachers get reliable reports on reading comprehension, vocabulary, literacy skills, and more. Students who reach their “AR goal,” are rewarded with a breakfast party at our school.

  • Language Arts

    Key Point Christian Academy’s language arts program challenges our students with the rigorous, Journeys Common Core, K–8 reading program. The remarkable vocabulary instruction builds better readers and writers while also providing intervention for struggling students. With leading-edge digital tools, results-driven instruction and exceptional differentiation, Journeys Common Core is a top choice reading curriculum for educators across the nation.

    Social Studies

    Key Point Christian Academy utilizes Harcourt Social Studies, which is a comprehensive K–8 curriculum solution designed to engage and motivate every student. Through the stories of the intriguing people, exciting places, and fascinating events that make social studies relevant to their lives, students gain a global perspective. They also learn the social studies themes and skills they need to become informed, participating citizens who consider diverse points-of-view, use critical thinking skills, and are active in their communities.

    Accelerated Math

    Key Point Christian Academy employs the most widely used math program in K-12 schools, Accelerated Math (AM). AM content from kindergarten through high school applies the best research available on the mathematics students must learn to be college and career ready. AM helps teachers personalize standards-based math practice by depth, as standards recommend, and monitor student progress to make data-driven decisions to guide instruction. Differentiating practice by depth means that the entire class can work within the same standard, at the right level of depth for each student. At Key Point Christian Academy, we combine an innovative curriculum, with daily physical education classes, and an organic meal program, to create what we believe is the highest quality education available for our students.

Extracurricular Education

Foreign Languages

Lessons focus on French, Spanish and Italian culture, and students are encouraged to work together on extended projects. The language curriculum includes games, literature and an exploration of customs and celebrations. Foreign language classes are designed to introduce vocabulary and a cultural approach to the French, Spanish and Italian speaking world. Students learn languages while listening to music, playing a variety of traditional games, as well as engaging in movement and dance activities, videos and practical conversation.


At Key Point Christian Academy middle school students are exposed to a wide variety of computer programs. These programs introduce students to a wide range of practical and innovative uses for their computers. We touch on the main uses of computers in the world today by introducing concepts of programming, design, animation, research, publishing, as well as the standard suite of applications. Students practice their typing skills in every class so that they will have the speed and accuracy to complete written work in other classes efficiently.

Physical Education

The middle school physical education program is designed to enhance our students’ physical, mental and emotional health. The program is based upon the refinement of fundamental skills in many areas of gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, strength, and muscle coordination. The program incorporates age appropriate cooperative games, moderate to more strenuous fitness, movement education, themed activities, and a moderate to more strenuous introduction to traditional sports and games. The program emphasizes cooperative learning, social interaction, problem solving, shared leadership and challenge in a safe environment.

Music Classes

Emphasis is placed on aural knowledge of the pentatonic and diatonic scale, rhythm and pitch. Song repertoire is enlarged, sight-singing improved and new songs and games are learned nurturing students’ appreciation of music. Repertoire consists of folk songs, rhymes, modern music, hymns, Renaissance music, music from around the world, and art music. Various classroom musical instruments may be included in the learning experience.

Arts and Enrichment

Key Point Christian Academy art program encourages children to express themselves through various materials. Art theory and technique is introduced to the students through means of exploration and discovery, building a foundation for artistic expression and aesthetic awareness. Special cultural studies throughout the year expand the children's knowledge of not only traditional art forms from around the world, but the history of art as a whole. Art provides children with a natural way to communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas as well as a way to develop an understanding and appreciation of the artistic process. Students study concepts such as perspective and value in greater depth, typically in the context of interdisciplinary projects. They examine art from Egypt, Greece and Rome, exploring how historical context can help explain technique and content. Techniques include contour drawing, silhouette cutting, and charcoal portraiture. Students write about the process behind their own artwork, and give constructive feedback to their classmates.

Spiritual Learning

The middle school students are given in-depth lessons in Spiritual Learning which are designed to teach them the importance of faith in their lives. Students are given a copy of the Bible and using the Spark Bible Curriculum, are taught how to read and interpret the texts and understand the meaning of the words that apply to everyday life. Middle School students are encouraged to ask critical questions and engage in the material to gain understanding of how the Bible can teach us how to live as God's people inside the school and outside in the world.